Attention students!

From 02.06.2020, a request to practice missed practical classes and completed work should be sent to

a new e-mail:


at the Department of Physiology in the conditions of distance learning

during quarantine

1. The practical training for the 1st and 2nd semester is carried out by the teacher who leads the group at the moment;

2. The student can rework missed classes 5 times on week (from 01.06.2020) one topic in one day

3. The completed work should be sent to the address (e-mail: in the period from 16.00 to 18.00 on the day of the practical training according to the schedule. Works submitted at other times will not be considered;

4. Instruction: A student writes a letter on the DAY of rework at 16.00 – I am, full name, group, I ask for the opportunity to work out the topic: “………….”. The teacher asks questions according to the topic in response to a request. Student before 18.00 on the same day sends a response. The result is immediately recorded in a special chat;

5. The student answers 4 questions to the topic of the practical lesson, according to the protocol of the practical lesson (questions are chosen arbitrarily by the teacher);

6. Only written works are accepted for verification, in which on each paper are indicated: 1) Name, topic of the practical lesson, group;

7. A massage name consist of: the teachers name and the group number in which the student is engaged. The file has a photo or scan of the work performed.


Please note that the text of the work should be ONLY handwritten!

Printed works will be judged unsatisfactory.